Dear District Representative,

I hope this email finds you well.

Recently, you may have received an email from Fernhurst Books, a publishing company, promoting a book titled “The ILCA Book.” The email falsely claims that “The ILCA Book” is “supported” by ILCA.

While ILCA appreciates the importance of educational materials for our sport, we want to make it clear that ILCA has no involvement in this project, nor do we endorse its content or quality. ILCA also does not have any financial stake in this book.

While ILCA encourages the development and use of educational resources to benefit our members, we must maintain the distinction between endorsed materials and those simply using our name for promotional purposes.

We have addressed this issue directly with Fernhurst Books, requesting them to retract their previous communication and clarify that ILCA does not endorse “The ILCA Book.”

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in disseminating this information to your respective members to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.

Best regards,

Eric Faust

Executive Secretary

International Laser Class Association