Dear Laser Sailor,

Beste Lid, Cher Membre,

De voorinschrijving op het Wereldkampioenschap 2020 voor Laser Standard Men, Laser Radial Women en Laser Radial Men 2020 start vanaf 20/08/2019.

L’inscription pour le Championnat du Monde 2020 pour Laser Standard Men, Laser Radial Women et Laser Radial Men sont ouvertes à partir du 20/08/2019.

Met sportieve groeten; Sportivement vôtre


Dear District Members,

Applications for entry for the following World Championships will be accepted beginning Tuesday, 20 August 2019:

   2020 ILCA Laser Standard Men’s World Championship

   2020 ILCA Laser Radial Women’s World Championship

   2020 ILCA Laser Radial Men’s World Championship

For all three Championships, the deadline for receiving PAID applications is 1 October 2019 at 23:59 Central US Time. 

If you would like to compete in one of these Championships, you are encouraged to complete an entry application as soon as possible after it becomes available. Please be aware that if you do not apply by the application deadline, you may have little chance of receiving an entry offer.

Information about all ILCA Laser World Championships and access to applications is available through the ILCA events page